3 Ways To Sell Pre-Construction Homes Using Digital Marketing

September 30th, 2014

Many people choose to buy pre-construction homes nowadays, because of the numerous benefits (i.e. competitive price and low maintenance). The most favorable benefit of buying pre-construction homes is that clients can choose various features for their home.

There are pre-constructions home owners want to sell their new construction properties but doesn’t know why. Though, these new constructed homes have a lot of benefits, it is still important that owners must know how to market their properties.

There are a lot of ways of selling your properties, and here are the 3 ways to sell your pre construction homes using digital marketing that might help you to earn more money in selling.

1. Opt for sites that specialize in residential selling

There are various reliable sites that sell different residential properties from different owners. If you choose to sell your pre-construction homes, you can go for these reliable sites that can help you in marketing and selling your new constructed properties. Since these sites have been marketing residential homes for several years, you can assure that they can really reach out people who are looking for these pre-constructed homes.

2. Reach various social media

Reaching various social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) are another way of marketing. Nowadays, many people are always using social media sites. In this case, you can reach for people to sell your properties. Using the social media sites, you can post pictures of your properties as well as its benefits and different terms that you offer for them. By doing this, you can earn a lot of viewers that might be interested in your properties.

3. Real estate agents that are experts in SEO

Though, you can reach people and market your properties by yourself, it is not guaranteed that you can sell your properties, especially if you are not an expert when it comes in digital marketing. Hence, it would be better for you to seek help from the people who are experts in selling pre-construction homes using digital marketing.

There are many people who are experts when it comes in selling real estate properties
that you can find in the web. You can search for the reliable sites that show profile of different real estate agents that specialize in selling and marketing using digital. Yet, opt for the reliable and good agents. Although, you need to give a percentage to them, it doesn’t matter as long as you have sold your properties at a good price.

Pre Construction: to Buy or Not to Buy?

September 3rd, 2014


Down here in Miami, the skyline is lit up like the London. Skyscrapers are shooing up all across the city, drawing billions of dollars from foreign investors in Brazil, Argentina and Cuba.

One woman, Ines Flax, is at the fore front of it all. Ines is a Miami pre construction expert specializing in pre construction properties in Miami.

Ines got her start in real estate with Century 21, the large real estate conglomerate based out of New York City. As a young real estate agent, Ines learned a couple of lessons the hard way:

  1. Never give a buyer too much slack
  2. Always close when you get the chance
  3. Be a customers friend, not a pushy salesmen

These simple, and almost obvious lessons, built the framework for her to be the #1 pre construction expert that she is today. She is the leading selling of all pre construction properties, accounting for over $50,000,000 in hard sales already.

What’s a hard sale you ask?

Pen and ink on paper, money in the account, people ready to move in – that’s a hard sale.

She credits her ability to close these sales to those lessons she learned early on in her career. Ines is a personal friend of mine, so I made sure to catch up with her and ask her about it:

While others around me were being pushy used car salesmen to sell properties, I knew I had to take a different approach. Instead, I took the time to actually listen to what my clients were telling me. Where others see it as a pain, I took their thoughts and words and used it to sell a lot more! For example, if someone complained about the fire place, I didn’t get frustrated. Instead, I took notes and used it when looking for their next properties. It sounds so simple, but so many Miami realtors are just flat out rude and pushy – I’m not, and the results speak for themselves.

Ines really is a master of this type of selling. After all, we started off as bitter enemies. Ines has always been my biggest competition in this market, yet over the years (as I have gotten to know her) I realized how great of a person she was. This made it almost impossible for me to miami-pre-construciton-expert-ines-flaxdislike her.

Even more so than that, I learned so much about real estate. Even though she was my biggest competition in the market, she was also my biggest inspiration. She was the one who really taught me how to connect with my clients and bring them what they want.

For that reason, I answer the burning question: to buy pre construction units in Miami or not to buy?

I say yes!

These units go for almost 15% less than what they will once built. Some of these amazing properties go so far as to have your own door man present 24 hours a day.

These are amazing, luxurious and expensive properties that will do great in diversifying and real estate portfolio.

If you would like to visit Ines at her own website, you can find her on the web www.miamipreconstructionproperties.net – tell her Kelly sent you!


Here’s Something New: A Real Estate Agent Turned Model

August 30th, 2014

modelMiami is a very interesting city. From the clear blue beaches to the first pumping night clubs, it’s truly a one of a kind place.

I recently sat down with Claudia Sampedro, a Miami based real estate agent turned model.

I’ve been around some interesting people before in my life, but Claudia Sampedro just might take the cake. Here is an excerpt from an interview we had:

Kelly: Hey Claudia, thanks for joining us today.

Claudia: Of course, Kelly, it’s my pleasure! I never turn down an opportunity for the lime light.

Kelly: Right, ok, so you have a very interesting story. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Claudia: I do indeed. I am a 24 year old Cuban woman, born and raised in Miami, Florida. I have a young daughter named Pearla.

Kelly: Right, but I was talking more about your real estate experience and how you then turned that into a modeling career.

Claudia: Oh, right! This is a real estate website, isn’t it.

Kelly: Yes, it is.

Claudia: So I got my start as a real estate agent working for Ines Flax. Since Miami has no real economy to speak of, and you don;t need any sort of education whatsoever to work in real estate, I decided it would be perfect for me.

Kelly: Excuse me? I have a masters degree!

Claudia: Right, well you can go ahead and cash that receipt back in because you wasted your money. You really don’t need any speakable experience to be a realtor – as a matter of fact, you’re better off just failing out of high school. At least them at that point you can get your career path started earlier.

Kelly: So tell us about how you got into modeling.

Claudia: It was pretty simple actually. I was using Instagram a lot back then to serve as an online portfolio of images for clients. I would publish pictures of condos that were open for rent and sale and people would follow me to stay up to date. Then I noticed by follower count would spike every time I posted pictures of myself. Soon after that I just started posting pictures of myself half naked to get more attention. Within about 6 months I was on the cover of Maxim!

Kelly: I have to say, I am pretty jealous. Also, I have to apologize to my readers because this article has provided absolutely no good content for their real estate needs.

Claudia: Well, at least they got to see pictures of me!

If you would like to learn about Claudia Sampedro, view pictures of Claudia Sampedro or contact her, you can visit her official website.

How To Market Properties in Miami

August 29th, 2014

When buying a pre-construction property, the buyer is almost certain that they will sell it at a profit once it is completed. This does not happen in all cases thus potential buyers have become more cautious when making the purchase. The key to selling pre-construction properties in Miami is make sure that the potential buyer or investor sees the real opportunity of making a profit after value appreciation or getting value for money.
icon6This article is going to discuss a number of ways that can be used to make the buyer envision the viability of investing in pre-construction properties.

The first reason is that properties are usually low priced hence affordable to the buyer or investor who has limited cash to put in the investment. Low prices give the investor a chance to select the type and size of property they want as the purchase arrangements allow for flexible terms of payment. If the buyer has some money that they are willing to put into long-term or medium term investment, then pre-construction properties offer the best opportunity.

The durations involved also give the investor time to save some more money as construction continues.The second reason is that the investment involves minimal risk since the value of the property will certainly appreciate over time. Value appreciation can be a perfect strategy for wealth accumulation as the amounts put in are far much lower than what the completed property will be sold.

The third reason is that it allows the property to be customized to the buyers tastes or preferences. The buyer can choose the floor they want, the plan they want and even the space they need.

Fourth is that the buyer is covered in case the developer fails to complete the project.The purchaser is entitled to a refund of the initial deposit paid. Lastly, in case the buyer feels that they do not wish to carry on with the project, the can sell the property. However this is only possible before closure and in most cases the re-sale is done at a profit.
Finally, the key to selling pre-construction properties in Miami even after the buyer is convinced on the above reasons is that the project has to be viable. Viability is in terms of a suitable location and a competent and experienced developer. If these two are right then the pre-construction will just sell itself easily and quickly.